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Course Benefits

Why take any of these courses?:

Why not take a course that matches your daily teaching responsibilities AND 60 hours (equivalent of 3 CEU’s) toward recertification or license renewal through your district Master Inservice Program? This is a practical, economical and convenient, "just-in-time" solution to prepare for a new assignment.

After all, 100% of teachers have a new assignment at some point, whether you are new to teaching or an experienced teacher. Some subject assignments are unavoidably out-of-field (a subject in which you do not have a collegiate major or minor). Or, even if you do have a collegiate background, if you have never taught the course before, the course materials alone without the online course are available to get you "up to speed." In either case, the goal of this course series is to provide the strategies and tools for you to become a highly-effective teacher of any of these over 100 offerings.

How You Will Benefit (What you will receive):

What You Will Learn:

Who Should Enroll:

Course Goals:

Course Format:

Type: Online, asynchronous, independent study through school year

Dates: Join at any time

Credit: Continuing Education equivalent of 60 hours or 3 Semester Credits (toward 120 hours or 6 credits required for recertification every 5 years) upon passing the end-of-course content mastery test based on course material provided and the appropriate state FTCE subject-area exam (included in the tuition and fees).

Funding: These teacher professional development course tuition and materials may be funded or reimbursed through the Highly-qualified Teacher Grant, or, when the annual allocation is fully subscribed,  through Federal NCLB Title 2a (Improving Teacher Quality State Grants, 100% PD), Title 1 (up to 10% for PD), Title 5 (Innovative Programs) and/or state and local PD budgets or foundations.

What is included:

The material includes everything a teacher new to the course would typically need to prepare themselves for the whole school year:

Teacher Manual with instructional support material that includes syllabus, pacing guide, detailed daily lesson plans, class notes (editable PowerPoint’s for lecture support), complete student activity book or lab manual, editable assessments and keys and subject-specific mentoring teacher. Below are listed the subject areas offered and on the university sites, and on the Teaching Point Catalog, the specific courses within these subject areas:

  • AP (Advanced Placement)
  • ART (Music in separate listing)
  • LANGUAGE ARTS (English language versions)

The positive effects and benefits for teachers as a result of this subject-specific online continuing education program with subject-specific instructional materials and subject-specific mentoring teacher access are:

  1. Teachers entering the profession from schools of education (approximately 60% of teachers) and those who have been recruited to enter the teaching field from other occupations (alternative certification, the remaining approximately 40%) will have access, not previously available, to online continuing education courses specific to the subject matter courses they have been assigned to teacher for the first time;
  2. Experienced teachers who may have been successful in achieving student learning gains over the years but now have new assignments or are unavoidably assigned out of field;
  3. Enabling teachers with new assignments to have a more positive effect in the classroom and improve student learning in a subject the teacher has never taught before;
  4. As decades of research have shown, better prepared teachers leads to improved student achievement, learning outcomes including AYP, graduation rates, college and workforce readiness.

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