Office of Professional Learning

Current Professional Learning Opportunities

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About Us

The Office of Professional Learning (OPL) at Heartland Educational Consortium (HEC) became an additional resource and support for the six rural districts in February, 2005.

The OPL organizes and provides a variety of professional learning opportunities for executive, administrative, instructional, and support personnel to assist them in their quest for improving their efficiency and effectiveness in boosting overall student achievement. The OPL views professional development as a vital conduit in helping each of the school districts in achieving their own district goals by ensuring a variety of development opportunities that tap stakeholders’ potential while enhancing the knowledge and skills needed for professional growth.

The Professional Learning team includes a coordinator, Dr. Sherri Albritton and a secretary, Donna Varady.

Heartland Educational Consortium strives to align professional development to the standards for professional learning from Learning Forward (formerly known as NSDC) which were revised in 2011.