Online Employment Application System
for Administrative, Instructional, and Non-Instructional Positions

Who receives the application?

Your application will be available to two of the Heartland Educational Consortium member districts, Glades and Highlands, when you apply. Administrators from these member districts search the database of applicants to fill administrative, instructional and non-instructional positions. The applicants need to fill out an online application only once to reach all of the schools in the two districts mentioned above in the Heartland Educational Consortium area.

What type of positions may I apply for?

The On-Line Employment Application System accepts applications for Administrative, Instructional, and Non-Instructional positions.

How do I apply?

Complete our online application by clicking the Employment Application link below or by clicking HERE. You must create an account with a username and password. Then you will be asked for general and background information as well as for your employment preferences. If certificates or licenses are required, you must list them. It is best that your information is as complete as possible. If you did not complete your application or you want to change it, you may return to it at any time. If your situation changes or you wish to make changes to your application you can return at any time. You will need both your username and password to edit your application, so remember them!

What Next?

The two Heartland Educational Consortium member districts mentioned above will have total access to view all applications submitted. After your application is received, the district administrators will look for candidates with the qualifications that match their requests for specific job opportunities. A representative of that district will contact you if you are considered as a candidate.

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